10 cities with the cheapest houses to buy in the United States

Home prices have skyrocketed in recent years, but instead of giving up on dreams of owning your own home. Here We show you 10 cities with the cheapest houses to buy in the United States, you may be able to move to another city and find something cheaper.

Recently, the real estate platform,, highlighted 10 of the cheapest places to buy a house in the United States. Cities are ranked based on the median value of their home.

10 cities with the cheapest houses to buy in the United States

1. Peoria, Illinois

Median home value: $98,000.
Peoria’s origins date back to 1680, and this historic city on the banks of the Illinois River remains a prime target for those seeking more affordable home prices. says home prices here start as low as $30,000.

Peoria, Illinois

2. Terre Haute, Indiana

Median home value: $104,900.
Terre Haute is a college town. Home to Indiana State University and the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, the city has unveiled the ‘See You in Terre Haute 2025’ Community Plan that aims to boost the economy and generate more tourism.

Terre Haute, Indiana

3. Saginaw, Michigan

Median home value: $112,200.
Natural beauty abounds in what locals call The Flats – which is a 10,000-acre wildlife refuge – and historic charm lines the streets of this 19th-century river town.

Saginaw, Michigan

4. Youngstown, Ohio

Median home value: $118,000.
The center of this city has undergone a revitalization that has prompted the arrival of new restaurants and nightlife centers. Here you can also explore the 4,400 acres that make up Mill Creek MetroParks.

Youngstown, Ohio

5. Davenport, Iowa

Median home value: $127,400.
This community on the banks of the Mississippi River, the border between Iowa and Illinois, is part of the Quad Cities region, a group of towns in Iowa and Illinois.

Davenport, Iowa

6. Erie, Pennsylvania

Median home value: $148,400.

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Located on the southern shore of the Great Lake that shares its name, the city of Erie rests roughly halfway between Cleveland and Buffalo, New York. Visitors flock to Presque Isle State Park, a 3,200-acre peninsula facing Lake Erie.

Erie, Pennsylvania

7. Charleston, West Virginia

Median home value: $148,900.
West Virginia’s largest city is the state capital. Two institutions of higher learning, the University of Charleston and West Virginia State University, can be found here.

Charleston, West Virginia

8. Utica, New York

Median home value: $169,450.
Útica is full of charms. The Utica Union Station is on the National Register of Historic Railroad Landmarks and the Utica Public Library is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Utica, New York

9. Macon, Ga.

Median home value: $174,950. This place is very close to Atlanta which is only 90 minutes away.

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Macon, Ga

10. Topeka, Kansas

Median home value: $184,950.
The capital of Kansas is home to several large companies, including AT&T, Goodyear, and the Mars candy company. Plus, Kansas City is less than an hour away.

Topeka, Kansas is paying people $15000 for moving there, Kansas - Times of India Travel

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