5 cheap places to retire and live in front of the beach or a lake

If you are planning your retirement in a tourist place or in front of a beach or lake, we recommend these 5 cheap places to retire and live in front of the beach or a lake.

Spending your retirement in a beachfront or lakefront home is not an impossible dream, as there are some pretty cool places that could cost as little as $1,115 a month to rent.

It could be said that all people have the dream of retiring and spending their golden years in front of the sea or in front of a beautiful lake. And although it seems that you need a large amount of money to afford that life, the truth is that it is not. Therefore, below, we share five places with houses facing the water that are not very expensive.

Top: 5 cheap places to retire and live in front of the beach or a lake

1. Miami, Florida

The median home price in this city is $1,829 per month for a home with a mortgage and $1,363 per month for rent.

Senior citizens and Social Security recipients are eligible to ride Miami-Dade public transportation for free, which helps keep costs down. Miami is located on the southern tip of Florida, so it has mild winters that make it possible for you to enjoy the beach all year round.

2–Tampa, Florida

The average cost of housing is $1,458 per month for a home with a mortgage or $1,115 per month for rent.

Tampa is a city of tall buildings and skyscrapers, as well as a favorite beach destination for retirees and tourists. The Port of Tampa has multiple cruise terminals, making it easy to get out on the water and explore multiple destinations.

3–Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is located along the Atlantic Ocean and has 22 miles of sandy shoreline beaches. The Jacksonville Beach Pier extends almost a quarter of a mile beyond the shoreline. The St. Johns River runs through the center of town, allowing freshwater boating and fishing.

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Owning a home in Jacksonville costs an average of $1,461 a month with a mortgage, or you could rent it for an average price of $1,093 a month.

4–Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a city that has many lakes and it can be very affordable to retire by a lake in this city. Owning a home with a mortgage costs an average of $1,508 per month, and the median rent is $1,210 per month. You also have the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Florida within an hour or two by car.

5–Sarasota, Florida

The median cost of a home is $1,531 per month for homeowners with a mortgage and $1,209 per month for renters.

This city is located on Sarasota Bay, near the Gulf of Mexico. Its beaches, which include Siesta Key and Lido Key, are known for their unusually soft fine sand. Here, people often see dolphins or manatees while boating or rowing in Sarasota Bay.

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