Democratic Representative proposes in Congress to reduce the work day to four days

Mark Takano, a Democratic representative for the state of California, introduced a bill in the House of Representatives to make 32-hour workweeks the standard, The Washington Post reports.

Takano reintroduced an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act, which would establish a 32-hour workweek, instead of the current 40-hour workweek, which would amount to a change from four eight-hour workdays.

The first version of the bill was presented in 2021 and supported by groups such as the Economic Policy Institute.

In addition, the bill was also backed by unions such as the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest union federation, United Food and Commercial Workers and Service Employees, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which is made up of at least 100 Congress members, according to a Turthout report.

Takano also said the bill would have to go hand in hand with higher wages and better projections for workers.

Bernie Sanders, for his part, agreed with the idea, asserting that advances in technology make it possible to reduce the workload for employees.

The first time a shorter work week was considered was due to the pilot program tested by the 4-Day Week Global group.

The experiment was successful, and the 61 workers who participated said they would maintain the shorter workweek model.

In addition, the workers showed benefits in their mental and physical health, and there was a reduction in resignations over a six-month period.

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