Nissan Leaf is the cheapest electric car you can currently buy

Although there are electric cars that could easily cost you more than $100,000, now, the good new is that  Nissan Leaf is the cheapest electric car you can currently buy

There are other models that do not even reach $30,000, which could be less than what many might think when considering buying an electric vehicle.

For example,  the cheapest electric vehicle is the Nissan Leaf model, which starts at $28,425, according to 24/7 Wall St.

Expert says that in the future, the prices of other models are expected to become increasingly affordable.

Nissan Leaf is the cheapest electric car you can currently buy

A decade ago, the leading electric vehicle maker, Tesla, barely sold a few cars. But today, its annual sales have accelerated to 500,000 cars. All the major automakers are after Tesla.

In the United States, these include the Ford and General Motors companies. Bigger companies from Germany, Japan and South Korea are also trying to gain their share of the market, and startups like Nio also hope to compete with Tesla.

To show how seriously car companies take the electric car market, most have said that more than half of their fleets will be electric vehicles by 2030.

This goal will require investments of tens of billions of dollars. Early electric models that have created the most buzz include the launch of a version of America’s best-selling vehicle, the Ford F-Series pickup. The electric model is about to hit the market.

However, many electric vehicles are still extremely expensive. A high-end Tesla could cost you more than $100,000. However, some are unusually cheap, such as the Nissan Leaf, although these vehicles are among the fewest available so far.

There are many benefits to buying an electric car. Although typically more expensive than comparable conventional vehicles, the US Department of Energy predicts that prices will even out as production volumes increase and battery technologies continue to improve.

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Electric vehicle owners can also apply for incentives and tax credits. And with gas prices on the rise, the cost of charging an electric car is often less than filling a tank with gas.

Electric vehicles also emit far fewer emissions than conventional gasoline vehicles. Fully electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles produce none when in full electric mode.

If battery life is a concern, keep in mind that the Department of Energy estimates that current electric vehicles will last 12-15 years without a battery change in moderate climates.

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