The 10 states with the most job openings in 2022

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in April of this year that the unemployment rate had fallen to 3.6%, which is roughly the same number it was in February 2020 before the pandemic hit the US, and there are some states where vacancies are on the rise. Discover the 10 states with the most job openings in 2022.

To determine the states with the most vacancies, researchers calculated the average vacancy rate for the fourth quarter of 2021, which is the most recent quarter available.

The results were:

Discover: The 10 states with the most job openings in 2022

10. Missouri

–Average rate of job offers: 7.60%
–Monthly average of job offers: 235,333
–Average monthly hires: 115,000

9. Vermont

–Average rate of job offers: 7.77%
–Average monthly job offers: 25,000
–Average monthly hires: 14,000

8. South Carolina

–Average rate of job offers: 7.87%
–Monthly average of job offers: 184,667
–Average monthly hires: 120,333

7. Michigan

–Average job offer rate: 7.90%
–Monthly average of job offers: 365,333
–Average monthly hires: 204,000

6. Wyoming

–Average rate of job offers: 7.93%
–Average monthly job openings: 24,000
–Average monthly hires: 14,333

5. New Hampshire

–Average rate of job offers: 7.93%
–Monthly average of job offers: 57,667
–Average monthly hires: 32,000

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4. Georgia

–Average rate of job offers: 8.23%
–Monthly average of job offers: 416,667
–Average monthly hires: 245,333

3. Montana

–Average rate of job offers: 8.37%
–Monthly average of job offers: 44,667
–Average monthly hires: 26,333

2. Hawaii

–Average rate of job offers: 8.60%
–Average monthly job offers: 55,000
–Average monthly hires: 33,333

1. Alaska

–Average rate of job offers: 9%
–Monthly average job offers: 31,000
–Average monthly hires: 19,333

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