Toyota Recalls 381,000 Tacomas Over Crash Risk

Toyota has issued a recall for approximately 381,000 Tacoma midsize pickup trucks, citing concerns over rear axle problems that could elevate the risk of crashes.

This recall, announced on Tuesday, targets certain 2022 to 2023 models sold in the United States, marking the company’s fourth recall within a span of just six days.

Details of the Recall

The issue stems from welding debris left on the rear axle assembly’s ends during the manufacturing process.

This residue can cause the retaining nuts to loosen over time, potentially leading to their detachment and a part separating from the axle.

Such a scenario poses a significant threat to the vehicle’s stability and braking performance, thus increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Toyota’s Response and Customer Notification

Toyota plans to address this issue by inspecting and retightening the rear axle retaining nuts at no cost to the vehicle owners.

In instances where axle components have suffered damage due to this defect, Toyota has committed to conducting repairs or replacements.

Vehicle owners are expected to receive notification letters by late April, guiding them on the necessary steps to take.

Checking Vehicle Involvement and Seeking Assistance

For owners looking to verify whether their vehicle is affected by this recall, Toyota encourages visiting their official website or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall page. By entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or license plate information, owners can quickly determine their vehicle’s recall status.

Additionally, Toyota has made customer support available for motorists with questions regarding the recall. The provided contact number ensures that concerned owners can seek further assistance and clarification directly from the company.

Recent Series of Recalls

This recent recall comes on the heels of three separate recalls last week, involving a collective total of 303,000 vehicles.

Those recalls were initiated for various issues, including a software problem that could delay the rearview camera image from appearing promptly when shifting into reverse, among other concerns.

With information from CBS News and Toyota

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