Uber to lay off 200 recruiting employees due to economic problems

Uber joins the list of companies making staff cuts after announcing that it will lay off 200 recruiting employees.

According to Axis’s report, Uber Technologies sent an internal document to the company’s staff, in which they communicated the layoff of 200 employees in the recruiting area.

This is a measure to face the difficult economic conditions they are going through, and thus, save costs.

According to the document, the cuts could affect 35% of Uber’s recruitment team, which would mean 1% of the total staff, although other layoffs throughout the company could not be ruled out.

The company has also begun cuts in other types of jobs by 2023, and the layoffs are focused on cargo units and food delivery operations outside the United States.

All the cuts would account for 3% of Uber’s total workforce; the company has more than 32,000 employees worldwide, although drivers are not considered employees.

“Given low attrition, the size of the Talent Acquisition team must align with our hiring strategy and set the business up for continued success,” Nikki Krishnamurthy, who serves as Uber’s chief people officer, wrote in the memo.

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