What are the best companies for LGBT workers according to Glassdoor

On the occasion of Pride Month 2022, the employment site Glassdoor conducted a study on the LGBTQ employee experience, discover what are the best companies for LGBT workers according to Glassdoor.

The employment site Glassdoor reviewed its data to analyze the situation of employees from this community in the workplace and found that despite progress in equal rights for Americans who identify as LGBTQ, there is still a significant gap in work experiences.

For this analysis, Glassdoor reviewed data covering reviews in the US submitted during April 25, 2021 to April 24, 2022, by current full-time or part-time employees who identify as LGBTQ or who identify as as not part of the LGBTQ community.

What are the best companies for LGBT workers according to Glassdoor

The dataset includes 209,112 reviews, including 27,014 from LGBTQ users. Of Glassdoor’s 27,014 self-identified LGBTQ user reviews, 2,624 are from users who identify as transgender employees.

In the Glassdor analysis, it reveals which are the best rated companies for LGBTQ employees, with a maximum rating of 5 stars.

While the average rating for LGBTQ employees is only 3.62, there are plenty of companies whose LGBTQ employees report better workplace experiences.

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The highest rated companies are Google (No.1, with 4.38), Microsoft (No.2, with 4.35) and HEB (No.3, 4.28).

The 15 companies with the highest average ratings for LGBTQ employees over the past year:

  • Google, with 4.38
  • Microsoft, 4.35
  • HEB, 4.28
  • Lululemon, 4.27
  • Deloitte, 4.17
  • Bath & Body Works, 4.14
  • Progressive Insurance, 4.07
  • IBM, 4.00
    Walt Disney Company, 3.93
  • Apple, 3.91
  • T-Mobile, 3.88
  • Accenture, 3.82
  • Bank of America, 3.80
  • AT&T, 3.79
  • YMCA, 3.79

The top 15 companies represent a diverse set of industries including technology, retail, insurance, telecommunications, and finance.

Demonstrating that creating an engaging work experience for LGBTQ employees is not unique to certain industries, but is possible across all industries. industries and employers, says the study.

Glassdoor notes that LGBTQ employees make up a substantial minority of the American workforce, comprising 13% of employees in its data overall and up to 23.1% in certain industries.

Ultimately, Glassdoor’s data shows that much remains to be done when it comes to fostering an inclusive workplace for LGBTQ employees.

For more detailed reports of the study you can enter here.

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