What are the best days to shop at Walmart to save more money

If you’re a regular Walmart customer, then you want to know what days you might find the best prices. And it is that you should know that Walmart usually puts its biggest sales and a widest selection on products in liquidation during the first five days of each month.

If you’re looking to buy toys specifically, Walmart usually puts them on sale starting in mid-December and July. These are the times when most toys reach close to 75% off, and can even reach 90% off the original price, as reported in The Sun.

Experts recommend that you look to get 75% off toys, as this is considered the sweet spot to grab one of these items.

The moment: What are the best days to shop at Walmart to save more money

On the other hand, when it comes to Christmas or holiday decorations, it is best to buy them throughout the year to get the best discounts. Remember that Walmart will start selling the products of the last holiday season with at least 50% discount.

Experts recommend buying items that don’t look so festive so you can use them on other occasions, such as disposable cups and plates, for example.

You might also keep an eye out for Christmas clearance items that Walmart has from last year as the store will do its best to sell them this year so they will be cheaper.

As for electronics, the best time to buy a television is from the end of February to the month of March.

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Speaking of perishable products, you should know that Walmart puts these items on sale the day before their expiration date, usually around 8:00 at night.

As a final piece of advice, we can tell you that you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask an employee if they have additional discounts on products that they already want to get rid of. Remember that they have to sell them anyway, and you would be helping them accomplish this task.

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