Amanda Bynes Released from Hospital After Weeks of Treatment

“She’s the Man” actress Amanda Bynes was released from a hospital that she had been admitted to a few weeks prior.

Bynes was discovered by passersby when she was wandering the streets of Los Angeles naked late at night.

After being confined for some time, the actress was released from the hospital on Monday, and doctors reported that Bynes was ready to resume her normal life, according to TMZ.

The actress will begin treatment to continue to improve and decrease the chances of falling, as it is not the first time she has experienced a seizure in public.

According to a close source, Amanda Bynes will live in the house of one of her friends while she recovers, but so far, there is no indication that her parents will resume guardianship for at least nine years.

Amanda Bynes, 36, is known for TV series such as ‘All That and What I Like About You‘, her last role was in the feature film “Easy A” which was released in 2010 with Emma Stone.

Bynes began to generate controversy in 2013 when she was seen acting erratically in various incidents, in addition to sharing incoherent messages on her social networks. In the same year, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was given guardianship to her parents, who managed her finances.

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