Blackpink’s Lisa, Angelababy Face Weibo Ban After Paris Show

In a recent turn of events, Blackpink’s Lisa and Chinese actress Angelababy have been banned from the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

This development followed their involvement in a risqué show at Crazy Horse Paris, which has drawn both criticism and support from different quarters.

The incident has sparked a conversation around China’s censorship laws, particularly on international celebrities and how they navigate the tightrope of cultural expectations.

The Controversial Performance

The performance that led to the ban happened at the renowned Crazy Horse Paris, known for its provocative shows.

Both Lisa and Angelababy actively participated, which later triggered their suspension from Weibo. It appears the nature of the show clashed with the more conservative norms prevalent in China, subsequently leading to the social media censure.

This incident highlights the stark contrast between different cultural and social norms, and how they play out on international platforms.

China’s censorship laws have always been a topic of discussion and this incident has reignited the debate. The suspension of Lisa and Angelababy from Weibo brings to the forefront the tightrope international celebrities must walk when engaging with Chinese audiences. The incident also highlights how quickly actions in the public eye can lead to ramifications on social platforms.

Public Reactions

Public reactions have been mixed, with some supporting the ban citing cultural sensitivity, while others decry it as an overreach of censorship.

Particularly, fans of Blackpink and Angelababy have taken to other social media platforms to express their discontent over the ban. They argue that creative expression should not be stifled and call for a more open discussion on China’s censorship laws.

There’s also been a notable backlash against China’s censorship among international audiences, further fueling the ongoing discourse on freedom of expression. This incident, among others, continues to challenge the rigid boundaries set by censorship laws in China, and questions the global implications of such actions.

Implications for International Celebrities

The Weibo ban is a stark reminder for international celebrities about the cultural sensitivities that must be navigated when engaging with Chinese audiences.

The incident with Lisa and Angelababy underscores the fine balance between creative expression and adhering to local norms.

While the ban is seen by some as necessary to maintain cultural integrity, others view it as a suppression of artistic freedom.

The ongoing discussion is indicative of the broader dynamics at play between international celebrities, local audiences, and governmental regulations.

With information from Bloomberg and The Standard

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