Former “The Tonight Show” Staff Expose Toxic Work Atmosphere Under Fallon

In a recent expose by Rolling Stone Magazine about renowned host Jimmy Fallon, 14 former employees and two current ones from ‘The Tonight Show’ aired on NBC, shared unsettling experiences about the show’s work environment, attributing it to Fallon’s “erratic” behavior.

The accounts, spanning from writers to administrative staff, depict Fallon as someone “utterly unpredictable”, prone to “fits of rage”, and aggressive behaviors, especially when he “arrives drunk” on set.

These conditions led some staff members to seek therapy and, in extreme cases, contemplate suicide due to the “constant state of fear”.

Allegations Surface About Toxic Environment on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon

Several employees shared the toll on their mental health, from anxiety disorders to hair loss. One former team member stated:

“I constantly thought about taking my own life… I wondered, ‘Why do I think about this all the time?’”.

Others recounted how Fallon’s demeanor affected the mood, noting that if he had a bad day, he “took out his frustrations” on the team.

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Two current employees described the atmosphere with Fallon as “gloomy”, witnessing episodes of bullying.

“If Jimmy wasn’t in a good mood, it ruined everyone’s day,” one of them commented, requesting anonymity. They added that they were advised not to crack jokes or linger near him to avoid “one of his outbursts”.

In response to the allegations, a spokesperson from NBC stated:

“We are incredibly proud of The Tonight Show, and providing a respectful work environment is a top priority”. They assured that issues raised by employees have been investigated, and appropriate actions were taken when necessary.

With information from Rolling Stone

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