Jennifer Lopez launches her own line of premium Low-Calorie Cocktails Delola

JLO announced that she would venture into the world of alcoholic beverages with her own low-calorie premium cocktails.

The new brand, called Delola, comes from the nickname “Lola” with which the singer’s family and friends commonly address her.

Lopez was inspired by Italy, one of her favorite places, so the Delola campaign was photographed in Italy as a way to represent the essence of her travels there.

“Soft drinks were very popular there. And I always had my little drink with me on the boat for my birthday trips and things like that.” JLo told people. “For someone who was born in the Bronx and never got on a boat or did anything like that, it evokes this kind of aspirational glamorous lifestyle, but also something very peaceful, relaxing, and earthy.

The cocktails will come in a 750 ml presentation, although they also announced that a smaller 375 ml version will be sold.

According to Delola’s website, Jennifer Lopez also collaborated with Lynnette Marrero, known as the World’s Best Bartender, to develop “flavors that transport you to your inner fun-loving, carefree ‘Lola'”.

Delola has three flavors: Bella Berry Spiritz, which is flavored with berries, hibiscus, and Premium Vodka. Paloma Rosa Spritz, which is made with grapefruit, elder flower, and premium tequila, and L’Orange Spritz, made with orange, passion fruit, and premium amaro.

Each drink has approximately 110 calories per serving, and the alcohol content is approximately the same between flavors. Bella Berry Spritz (10.5% ABV), Paloma Rosa Spritz (11.5% ABV) and L’Orange Spritz (10.5% ABV).

The 750 ml bottles of Delola will be priced at $23 for retailers, while the smaller bottle will be priced at $12 in stores and bars nationwide.

Delola Spritz is a product of Jlo’s new company “The House of Delola” which has the Beam Suntory Company as an investor and distributor.

Lopez also said her goals with the creation of his own drink were “better taste, ingredients, fewer calories and simple” while arguing that he wanted something “fun, fresh and delicious.”

However, the Delola Spritz launch was not supported by all the singers’ fans, as some expected the drinks to be alcohol-free because JLO does not commonly consume alcohol.

“Why not create an NA (non-alcoholic) brand considering you’ve been outspoken about the negative effects of alcohol, and you don’t drink yourself,” This feels so off brand for you, really curious why you are selling alcohol.” wrote one user.

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