John Cena’s Oscar Night Stunt: All for Show

John Cena’s seemingly audacious appearance at the 2024 Oscars, where he presented the award for best costume design in what appeared to be his birthday suit, was revealed to be a carefully staged act.

The actor and wrestler was actually wearing nude-colored underwear, ensuring compliance with TV standards and avoiding any potentially embarrassing mishaps on live television.

The stunt was a humorous nod to a memorable Oscars moment from 1974, referencing a streaker who interrupted the ceremony.

Host Jimmy Kimmel set the stage for Cena’s entrance with a story that harked back to this historical event, questioning the audience’s reaction if such a scenario were to unfold in the present day.

A Statement on Costume Design

Cena, known for his roles in “The Suicide Squad” among other films, leveraged the moment to underscore the importance of costume design in cinema, albeit in a lighthearted manner.

The interaction between Cena and Kimmel highlighted the theme of the award, while also providing entertainment and a memorable moment for viewers.

Emma Stone’s Victory

The award for best costume design was ultimately bestowed upon “Poor Things,” a film featuring Emma Stone, who also won the Oscar for best actress for her role in the same movie.

Stone’s acceptance speech reflected on the collaborative effort involved in filmmaking, emphasizing the collective achievement over individual accolades.

This year’s Oscars not only celebrated cinematic achievements but also included moments of humor and creativity, showcasing the entertainment industry’s capacity to engage audiences in diverse and unexpected ways.

With information from Fox News

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