Rihanna sang at halftime of Super Bowl 2023 after 7 years away from the stage

The popular singer Rihanna made her appearance at halftime of this year’s Super Bowl, flying on a platform and wearing a red suit.

The 34-year-old singer performed songs like “Only Girl“, “Work“, to close with the well-known “Diamonds“, a hit from 2012.

Many fans were looking forward to Rihanna’s appearance as it was her return to the music world, showcasing her performances to millions of people.

Although, Rihanna has been criticized by some fans as they expected a “better choreography” from the singer at the Super Bowl.

Rihanna had talked about the issues at her halftime show last Thursday, emphasizing the physical performance after becoming a mom to her firstborn with A$AP Rocky.

“I gave birth nine months ago. I tell myself, ‘Are you sure you can do this?’ I haven’t been on a stage in seven years, but it’s important for me to be on stage this year.”

“It’s important for me, for my son to see…. For the performance… You’re running around for 13 minutes. You’ll see it on Sunday, from the moment it starts, it never ends. Until the last second. It takes all the energy out of your body,” said the artist.

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