The Beatles Unveil AI-Enhanced Track “Now and Then”

In a blend of past and future, The Beatles have released a song titled “Now And Then,” featuring the voice of the late John Lennon. Billed as the last Beatles song, it was brought to life using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. This release comes almost 43 years post the passing of Lennon, bringing a wave of nostalgia and emotions among the fans​.

The song, initially written and recorded in the late 1970s by Lennon after The Beatles disbanded, saw its worldwide release on November 2. The unique composition includes contributions from all four members of the legendary band, resonating with the timeless essence that The Beatles have always embodied​.

A Glimpse into the Technical Brilliance

The creation of “Now And Then” showcases a confluence of musical genius and technological innovation. Employing artificial intelligence, the original recordings were meticulously processed to isolate and enhance the individual instruments and vocals. This AI intervention enabled the melding of Lennon’s vintage voice recording with new parts recorded by the surviving members, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, as well as the late George Harrison, bringing a fresh yet nostalgic feel to the track.

The Beatles’ YouTube channel premiered a short film directed by Oliver Murray titled “Now And Then – The Last Beatles Song,” ahead of the song’s release. The film provides an insightful narrative on the technical journey of crafting the song, featuring commentary from band members and notable individuals like Sean Ono Lennon and filmmaker Peter Jackson. Jackson delineated how his team developed a technology capable of dissecting any soundtrack into its constituent components, a breakthrough enabling the revival of “Now And Then” from a home demo recorded by Lennon in the late 1970s to a polished studio track​.

Public Reception

The release of “Now And Then” has not just brought a new Beatles song to the world, but has also opened a dialogue on the endless possibilities of AI in music. The song also commemorates the enduring legacy of The Beatles, reaffirming their place in the pantheon of music legends.

The new song will be released in a double A-side single, paired with the band’s 1962 debut UK single “Love Me Do.” This juxtaposition of the Beatles’ earliest with their “final” song is a tribute to the timeless journey of the band, encapsulating the Beatles’ evolution and enduring appeal over the decades​.

With information from Reuters and AP News.

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