Where Will Messi Settle in Miami?

As Lionel Messi adjusts to life with David Beckham’s Inter Miami, the world is curious about where the soccer legend will settle down with his family in Miami.

If Messi’s preferences align with other sports superstars like LeBron James, will he opt for the megamansion an architect has envisioned for him?

Architect Jorge Luis Véliz shared renderings of a home concept he crafted with Messi in mind. Drawing inspiration from the soccer star, Véliz explained,

Criticism Surrounds Proposed $50 Million Mansion for Messi in Miami

“The Conceptual Architectural Project of the Messi Mansion in Miami is inspired by the Lionel Messi brand logo, with its iconic ‘M’ shape clearly visible from an aerial view.” This proposed dwelling, situated on an exclusive boat-shaped island, promises privacy and a prime location.

But the mansion’s design isn’t just about looks. Véliz imagined specific amenities for Messi, such as a 20-car garage, a game room and home theater for the family, a spiral waterslide, a pool to bask in the Florida sun, and, of course, a soccer field. Additionally, a dock with space for yachts is part of the plan.

The estimated cost of this ambitious project stands at $50 million.

While some online users encourage Messi to make the move soon, others feel this lavish proposal doesn’t match the soccer star’s style.

“I find it hard to believe Messi would want his name so prominently displayed on his home,” one user opined. “I don’t think he’s that flashy,” another commented. One succinct remark captured the sentiment of many: “He’s just too humble for this.”

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