How to make Chicken breasts with quinoa and broccoli recipe

If you are looking for a healthy recipe to share with your family, try how to make Chicken breasts with quinoa and broccoli recipe, a delicious meal that does not have bad compounds for your body.

The broccoli together with the quinoa will give the necessary flavor to the chicken breasts to enhance the taste, this recipe can be served with other accompaniments.

In addition, we will also use ginger and other seasonings to give the chicken more flavor and smell.

Learn how to make Chicken breasts with quinoa and broccoli recipe


Servings: 4 
4 Chicken breast about 150 g each
4 Broccoli
100g White or red quinoa
1 Bay
1 Clove garlic
1 Fresh ginger
3 Saffron (strands)
1 Orange
Hot chili sauce (optional) such as harissa, sriracha, etc.
Ground black pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
Sesame seeds to taste (optional)
Chilli or cayenne or chili (optional)

How to make Chicken breasts with quinoa and broccoli step by step: 

Difficulty: Easy
Total time: 50min
Elaboration: 10min
Cooking: 40min


1 – Preheat the oven to 100ºC with fan, if it has one, or 120ºC with top and bottom heat. Dry the breasts with kitchen paper, remove any traces of fat, skin or webs, and season generously. Cook on the grill or in an iron pan suitable for the oven, marking them on both sides, pressing with the spatula to brown them well.

2 – Take the pan directly to the oven or transfer to a refractory source. If you don’t have an oven-safe pan, reserve this for the sauce. The breasts should take about 30 minutes to cook at this low temperature; check the point with a kitchen thermometer or by cutting the meat into the thickest part. Turn them after 20 minutes.

3 – Meanwhile, rinse the quinoa well and cook in 250 ml of water (or chicken or vegetable broth, if available) with the bay leaf, the chopped garlic, the peeled ginger, a piece of chilli or chilli (optional) the saffron and a little salt. When it reaches a boil, cover with a lid or parchment paper, lower the heat and cook gently for 20-25 minutes.

4 – Check the cooking point and stir with a fork; Remove the aromatics and dress with the finely grated orange zest and a splash of oil. Reserve hot. Steam or microwave the washed and chopped broccoli for about 8-10 minutes, leaving it slightly crispy or to taste.

5 – Remove the chicken from the pan and bring it to the fire again to deglaze the juices with the orange juice and hot sauce, letting it reduce. Distribute the quinoa on plates, the filleted breasts and the broccoli, watering the meat with the orange sauce and seasoning with sesame to taste.

How to make Chicken breasts with quinoa and broccoli recipe steps

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