6 Foods and Drinks to Avoid for Healthy Skin

Skin health is one of the most frequent concerns for people, as a healthy skin is a sign of care and beauty.

Therefore, many people try to make their skin appear glowing and healthy with various beauty products; however, skin health should also be taken care of with food.

Something that dermatologist and Nutritionist Cheryl Karcher supports, in her words to WebMd “The skin is a reflection of the total health of the body” Karcher points out.

On the other hand, Mount Sinai Hospital’s director of cosmetic dermatology research, Joshua Zeichner, M.D., comments in a LiveStrong article that a good diet will optimize skin function.

In contrast, Zeichner also pointed out that an incorrect diet may promote inflammation and premature aging.

Likewise, giving up some foods or cutting back on their consumption can help improve skin health and, therefore, its appearance.

1. Red meat

Red meat is one of the most consumed foods worldwide; however, its high consumption can also unbalance normal cholesterol levels.

In addition, their high saturated fat content is associated with inflammation, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

2. Processed meats

In addition to being high in saturated fats, processed meats are also high in salt content.

Consuming many salty foods can dehydrate the skin and give it a dry appearance, as well as cause swelling and fluid retention.

Dermatologist Zeichner says that processed meats have nitrites, a compound that has been linked to cancer.

3. Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is associated with dehydration of the skin, especially in the upper facial lines, and causes puffiness in the lower eyelids.

According to a study conducted by the plastic surgeon Amir Karam, excessive alcohol consumption increased the swelling of the lower eyelids of women aged 18 to 75 years in 2019.

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Other nutritionists, such as Meg Hagar and Christina Mandolfo, point out that the body recognizes alcohol as a toxin that leads to inflamed skin.

Likewise, adding juices or sodas to alcoholic beverages also increases blood sugar levels and depletes antioxidants in the skin.

4. Foods and beverages high in sugar

Foods such as desserts and drinks that are high in sugar cause an increase in harmful bacteria in the body, leading to an imbalance in the intestinal flora.

Other sugary drinks such as corn syrup, juices, and soft drinks are also linked to acne and rashes and have also been found to destroy collagen and elastin in the skin by inflaming the body.

5. Milk

Milk can aggravate eczema or psoriasis and cause damage to the skin; therefore, milk is not recommended for people suffering from dairy allergies.

In addition, some cases of acne are related to the consumption of skim milk, probably because it contains hormones or has a high sugar content.

6. Refined carbohydrates

Refined foods such as white rice and bread have a high glycemic index, which increases blood sugar levels.

This causes the sebaceous glands to be activated, resulting in acne, and refined carbohydrates are associated with conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

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