8 tips and tricks to take care of your skin in summer

Thin skins tend to dryness and above all, dehydration. It usually happens, in addition, that is why you should prepare for the summer with these 8 tips and tricks to take care of your skin in summer.

Dehydration and poorly focused care are causing your skin to weaken more quickly. And perhaps you are careful with routines focused on oily skin, when you should change course.

For this reason, this summer avoid the direct impacts of the sun to avoid dryness, and follow these tips to take care of your skin.

Discover 8 tips and tricks to take care of your skin in summer

1. Use Vaseline, it works better than any lip balm.

The use of vaseline moisturizes your skin, it is better to avoid all the perfumes that these lip balms usually carry, in addition to other ingredients, providing the skin of the lips, much finer than the rest of the face, with the nutrition it really needs.

2. Facial cleaning with physiological serum

Cleaning the face with physiological saline instead of another soap or micellar water could do much more for thin and dehydrated skin. Many soaps and micellar waters can dry out this type of skin even more, and the minerals in the serum can be great allies in times of high heat and high dehydration.

3. Lip protection around the lip edge

Do not neglect this area, because it is where the wrinkles that age begin to appear. We usually apply sunscreen to the face, even to apply sunscreen to the lips, but the edge of the lips are the great forgotten and it should be the first! In addition, the lip does not get pigmented with sun exposure, but the edge does.

4. Vaseline outside the lip

And in the same way that you protect it, apply Vaseline around the edge as well. It is the area where the lip begins to dehydrate.

5. Evening primrose oil on the skin when there are hormonal changes

Evening primrose oil is perfect when there is a lot of dehydration, but there is a trick: do not take it orally (many times it is not well tolerated), it is better to remove the oil that it contains. Apply it on the face and let it work.

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6. Avoid lactic peels in summer

It can cause more spots to appear on your skin. Better, for after vacations.

7. Protect yourself from the sun but also from blue light

The blue light from the devices is capable of causing spots that are much darker than sun spots and more difficult to remove.

8. Prepare a homemade cream and honey mask for deep hydration

A mask is a good remedy for those days of extreme dryness and dehydration. Mix liquid cream and honey and apply it as a mask for a few minutes. Helps to nourish the skin in depth and strengthen the finest skins.

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