California’s Avian Flu Crisis: Mass Bird Euthanization

In a concerning development, the avian flu has been confirmed in California, leading to the euthanization of approximately 250,000 birds.

This drastic measure was taken following the emergence of positive avian flu cases at two Bay Area farms.

Health officials, alarmed by the spread of the virus, made the decision to euthanize the birds to contain the outbreak. This response came after two farms in Sonoma County reported positive avian flu tests​​.

Impact on Local Farmers

The situation has been described as devastating by local farmers. Mike Weber, co-owner of Sunrise Farms, had to euthanize more than 80,000 chickens. A neighboring duck farm faced an even more severe impact, losing an entire operation of 170,000 ducks​​​​.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture confirmed the cases and is actively engaged in managing the situation. The new cases of avian flu have raised concerns just weeks after the announcement of a new vaccine still in the early stages of testing​​.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture is advising poultry owners to report any unusual or suspicious illnesses or deaths in their flocks. This proactive measure is vital for early detection and prevention of further spread​​.

With information from Fox News.

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