Can depression make people look older?

If you feel sad, with no desire to do anything, no desire to eat, and the joy of living has been lost, be careful, because you could be in a cycle of clinical depression!

Depression is the cause of sick leave, diseases such as chronic fatigue, asthenia, hypothyroidism, and suicide attempts, which have increased exponentially.

It is not only a problem of countries with a high economic level, but also of the rest. Therefore, depression can cause death, directly or indirectly.

Can depression make people look older?

There are well-defined programs for the search for different diseases, such as breast and prostate cancer, colon pathologies, heart diseases and others. However, there is virtually no test to detect depression in its early stages.

Depression has several phases. The first is imperceptible, where the individual fights against internal or external social factors, without the consummate sadness appearing.

Cracks begin to appear, and physiological needs deteriorate. That is, he stops eating, decreases his appetite, feels nauseated or disgusts food. Or, on the contrary, he shows a voracious appetite for sweets.

In the second stage, he begins to deteriorate from sleep, wakes up tired and without desire to do activities. Lose weight or gain body fat. You can continue to work, but it yields less and less. If this phase is not attended by a professional, we can move on to the third, which is exhaustion and wear. The individual no longer has the strength to continue the work, breaks the relationship with the external environment and stops visiting friends and family, isolating himself from the entire external environment. You run the risk of seeking relief in drugs or pills.

Normally, the doctor prescribes a set of serotonin reuptake drugs to activate it psychically and stop the state of depression. It is about reactivating brain function, chemically, and also with the use of sedatives to induce sleep. This procedure shows that the current ways of treating the syndrome are still primitive and have not advanced much.

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Symptoms of depression: unjustified tiredness, erratic non-localized muscle pain, memory loss, verbal and psychic slowing, weight gain even when eating little, nausea, slow digestion, irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea, permanent sadness, unjustified crying, aging premature, lack of sexual desire, fear of groups of people…

A depression can be treated in its early stages. First, perform physical exercises and consult a specialist in integrative medicine to assess the nutritional status. Sometimes it is related to a lack of a mineral or vitamin.

It is also necessary to assess the hormonal status, the thyroid, the pituitary gland and, specifically, the level of testosterone. Supplementation is a very important factor. Amino acids such as BCAs and arginine have been shown to be activators and regenerators of serotonin, and mediators that activate the psychic system. We must limit the use of refined sugar, which consumes minerals and depresses us even more.

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