Coffee has slimming properties, says new study

In addition to helping you start the day, coffee can have a very flattering effect on the body: Coffee has slimming properties, says a new study.

According to research published in Scientific Reports, one to three cups of coffee can stimulate the body’s metabolic function to burn so-called “brown fat.”

Brown fat (BAT) or “good” fat metabolizes macronutrients and burns calories, as its purpose is to generate heat. This type of fat is the one that is best metabolized with three cups of coffee a day, so that the heat produced by this adipose tissue remains constant throughout the day, which, simply put, helps burn more calories.

Coffee has slimming properties, says new study

To reach this conclusion, scientists at the Wolfson Center for Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering and Modeling (STEM) at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom recruited nine healthy-weight volunteers, four men and five women, aged 27 years. Age.

They placed sensors on certain areas of their bodies where fat tends to accumulate, and measured the metabolic behavior of brown fat before and after consuming a beverage containing 75 mg of caffeine, the amount found in an average coffee.

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The results showed that caffeine stimulates brown fat and increases metabolic activity. However, the amount of caffeine should not exceed three cups of coffee a day if you want to take advantage of its benefits and, in addition, physical activity should not be replaced by coffee consumption.

In addition, experts recommend getting a good night’s sleep and exercising, as these activities have the same effect on brown fat.

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