FDA Issues Warning on Eye Drops

Another company, Kilitch Healthcare India Limited, has initiated a voluntary recall of 27 eyedrop products.

These products are listed on the FDA’s notice of potentially bacteria-contaminated items, posing serious risks like eye infections and vision loss.

The recall affects products with expiration dates from November 2023 to September 2025​​.

Recent Series of Recalls

This recall is the third in a series following FDA’s warnings. Previously, Cardinal Health Inc. and Harvard Drug Group LLC also issued recalls under similar concerns​​.

The FDA’s late October warning advised against using certain eyedrop brands including CVS Health, Leader, Rugby, Rite Aid, Target’s Up & Up, Velocity Pharma, and Equate due to unsanitary manufacturing conditions​​.

FDA Findings on Contamination

The FDA investigation uncovered unsanitary conditions at the manufacturing facility, raising contamination concerns.

The exact bacteria type found has not been disclosed. Impacted companies, however, acknowledged sourcing from Velocity Pharma​​.

Health Advisory for Consumers

Retail giants like CVS, Rite Aid, Target, and Walmart have taken steps to remove the affected products from their shelves and online stores, with Walmart also implementing a sales block to prevent further purchases​​.

No eye infection cases linked to these products have been reported yet. However, the FDA and CDC advise immediate medical attention for symptoms like irritated or red eyes, worsening pain, light sensitivity, sudden blurry vision, or watery eyes​​.

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