How to get rid of hiccups quickly and easily with this trick

Although it is not a disease, suffering from hiccups is one of the most uncomfortable discomforts that exist, and many people tend to suffer from hiccup attacks.

Hiccups are an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm, which causes violent and uninterrupted breathing, sometimes with some noise.

Many people who are tired of suffering from hiccups have tried everything, but here we bring you a foolproof trick to get rid of hiccups.

Maybe stopping breathing, a scare, squeezing your ears or drinking ice water are some of the tricks you have tried to get rid of hiccups.

Get rid of hiccups

Although there are many tips and some people have different methods to get rid of hiccups, the truth is that sometimes it is difficult to get rid of hiccups completely.

The best trick to get rid of hiccups is to become “acrobats”, yes, although it sounds unnatural we will have to contort ourselves like one.

Fill half a glass of water, lean forward and towards the floor, so that your torso is also slightly inclined, start drinking very small sips of water, on the opposite side of the glass.

This method will make the breathing muscles return to their normal cycle, it will also relax the vagus nerve endings and other nerves related to the abdomen, thorax and nose, all this in order to make the diaphragm return to its natural rhythm.

Why do hiccups occur?

You may have wondered how or why hiccups occur, and it is likely that you relate it to the mouth or breathing, but the truth is that hiccups are a movement of the diaphragm.

The diaphragm plays an important role in breathing, and some experts suggest that hiccups are caused by heavy eating, alcohol or carbonated beverages.

Some people also develop hiccups from strong emotions, although apart from being annoying, hiccups do not pose a risk.

However, if you suffer from hiccups for a long time, it is advisable to see a health professional to find out the problem.

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