How to relieve a hangover

How to relieve a hangover and the rigor with which it occurs depend on how each person’s body breaks down alcohol molecules, and that in turn is determined by the action of enzymes, which are proteins responsible for various biological functions.

According to recent research, the severity of hangovers may depend on genetics and how often you suffer. In other words, when there is a family history of excessive alcohol consumption, a person may be more prone to hangovers; Also, the stronger hangovers are, the worse they will get over time.

A hangover occurs when a person drinks more than they normally drink, no matter how much of the alcohol it actually is. For example, if you’re used to having four drinks on an outing with friends, but today you have seven, tomorrow you’ll have a hangover.

How to relieve a hangover

Although there are many hangover remedies that we owe to decades and decades of conventional wisdom, the reality is that only a few actually work. Spicy food, a beer, isotonic drinks and even over-the-counter medications offer relief from the effects of a hangover that work differently for each person.

Jesús Chavarria, a clinical psychologist at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Ontario, Canada, explained in Popular Mechanics that a remedy proven by science that does work to prevent and relieve hangover symptoms is to drink non-alcoholic liquids at the same time.

Hangover remedies that do work

Time alcoholic beverages are consumed, as this helps reduce dehydration caused by high alcohol consumption.

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Combining alcohol consumption with water, isotonic drinks or serums that are usually used to avoid dehydration, will help rehydrate the body and relieve a hangover the next day.

Sleeping a lot is another good remedy for a hangover, as the body disconnects from the annoying symptoms. Consuming pain relievers such as ibuprofen or aspirin help relieve headaches or general discomfort, but you must stay away from paracetamol while alcohol is still in the body to avoid liver damage.

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