The consumption of sausages and processed meats could increase the risk of cancer

Several studies have associated the consumption of some sausages with an increase in cases of colon cancer.

Ultra-processed foods are unhealthy, such as frankfurters, which are made from pork in sheep casings.

Although considered a German delicacy, consumption of Frankfurts is associated with an increased chance of cancer.

Red meat and processed meats can increase the risk of cancer by up to 9%, according to a study by researcher Maryam S. Farvid of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard.

Farvid analyzed the problems arising from long-term consumption of these foods in 18 studies and clinical trials.

It was concluded that, on the part of women, there is up to a 9% chance of suffering from mom’s flesh, the figure increases by 6% with red meat consumption.

While a report from Oxford University showed that the risk of suffering from colon cancer increases by 20% when consuming 25 grams of processed meat per day.

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