10 movies to watch with mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is very close and what better gift for them than spending time together, so we bring you the list of 10 movies to watch with mom on Mother’s Day.

Each of these films leave a very nice message and serve to spend a pleasant time with the family in a special day. 

All movies are available on different platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, etc…

10 movies to watch with mom on Mother’s Day

1. Freaky Friday 

This incredible classic where the story of how a mother and her teenage daughter unintentionally switch bodies is shown, revives this incredible story and the adventure that entails the mother living inside the body of her daughter and her daughter living inside the body of her daughter.

We are sure that this is one of your favorite movies, that it will always be amazing to see it again. It’s on Disney+.

Freaky Friday

2. Bad moms

An incredible comedy film that shows the reality of how difficult it is to keep both your family and your job afloat. But have you ever wondered what if you decide to have a break from it all and become a rebellious mom?

This movie will make you have a pleasant time with your family and make them appreciate everything you do for them more. You can see it on HBO.

Bad moms

3. Otherhood

This story is about three friends who are mothers who feel forgotten by their children, who are now adults, so they decide to pack up and embark on the journey to reconnect with their respective children.

You cannot miss this incredible movie, where these moms will live incredible adventures and above all, to remember that the person who will give everything for you is your mom. You can see it on Netflix.

Otherhood movie

4. Baby Bumps

A comedy of mother and daughter, where the daughter is already an adult and the mother, despite the years, likes to have fun and shares the ways of thinking of a young girl.

They coexist with each other and the perfect plot occurs when the daughter announces that she is pregnant and then the mother discovers that she is too. It is a fun and tangled story that you will enjoy next to your mom. You can see it on Amazon Prime.

Baby Bumps movie

5. Mamma Mia

An almost that can not miss, is this. The highly acclaimed Mamma Mia movie where the protagonist, hidden from her mother, invites three men to her wedding who could potentially be her father to meet them and find out once and for all who is the father of she.

It is an incredible story that will never bore you, and we are sure that you know all the songs in it. You can enjoy it on Amazon Prime

Mamma Mia

6. Incredibles 2 

The sequel to the animated story that we all love, is a perfect representation of mothers who are super powerful, that despite all the work they have, their hearts will always be with their children.

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The story of the incredible family will make you spend some time with your family and discover the great superhero that mom is, as well as appreciate what she does and understand that it is not an easy task. Sailing on Disney+.

Incredibles 2 movie

7. The Blind Side 

A charming story, based on real events, where a mother takes care of a boy who is not hers and as she takes care of him, she begins to see him as part of her family.

She supports him as her son to achieve an amazing dream. Demonstrating that a mother for her son gives everything for him. You can see it on HBO.

The Blind Side 

8. Lady Bird

An incredible story of a seventeen year old girl’s relationship with her mother. Both with a strong character show their story of mother and daughter in a funny and sarcastic way.

You can’t miss this movie that we know you’ll love. You can see it on HBO.

Lady bird movie

9. Mother’s Day

An incredible meal where we can see the lives of several mothers giving their best, but being a mother is complicated. This incredible story will connect with everyone.

Making you laugh and have a good time with your family, and remember that there is no one like your mom. Sailing in Star+.


10. Brave 

A beautiful Disney movie, where the story is captured where the mother of a princess gives her the confidence and security to follow her dreams, because she knows that her daughter can achieve much greater things than just getting married, you can see this incredible movie on Disney+. And with this movie, we finish the list of 10 movies to watch with mom on Mother’s Day.


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