5 things to avoid in a bar according to a bartender

With the experience of 19 years behind the bar in a bar, a woman warns customers about what not to do when they go for a drink, including not eating the fruit and in some cases, avoiding draft beer.

A woman who has been a bartender for 19 years shared through her social networks five things that bar patrons should do the next time they go for a drink. Errors that are usually very common.

In a video, TikToker Shelly (@shellycantsitwithus) gave her basic do’s and don’ts of going to a bar, based on her experience behind the bar. “I like to ruin things for people,” she captioned the video, adding that it wasn’t on purpose.

5 things to avoid in a bar according to a bartender

1. In some cases, avoid draft beer or drinks served from giant machines

Shelly advised to watch the bar, a telltale sign is a disgusting bathroom. If the bar is dirty there is a good chance that the beer lines are not being maintained and cleaned as they should be. Draft beer can be in contact with dust and mold.

2. Be wary of cocktails in batches

Machines with mass-made cocktails can be misleadingly marketed and can also come from containers that are not cleaned as often as they should be.

“If they’re advertising that that batch of cocktails is a Patrón margarita, did you know that all they had to do was add a bottle of Patrón to the whole batch, and they can call the whole batch a Patrón margarita?” Shelly explained.

3. Don’t eat the fruit on the rim of your glass

“Don’t put the fruit that’s on the side of your glass in your actual drink,” warns the bartender. The level of alcohol in the average cocktail is not enough to sterilize it.

If the bar is not clean, the bartender took the rag to clean, handled cash, and then took the fruit without first washing hands or wearing gloves, that fruit is not safe to eat.

4. Do not treat the waiter badly

Shelly advises customers to avoid being rude to servers to prevent them from ruining your drink. “The crazy shit I’ve seen or heard about waiters, bartenders, doing to your food or drink because you were a jerk,” says the bartender.

5. Do not leave your drink unattended

The bartender recommends not leaving your drink unattended to avoid falling victim to “professional” predators who cautiously add drugs. “The number of times I’ve called the police on people who have drugged a drink so subtly,” Shelly said.

Among the comments reacting to the video, there were those who supported her advice. “Yes, the beer lines were rarely cleaned at a place I worked. We weren’t allowed to do it, so we just had to trust it” one user noted.

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