6 things you can do if your partner has anxiety

Anxiety is a complicated road, but not impossible to travel. If you have your partner suffering from this difficult problem, they need you to accompany them, and here we explain 6 things you can do if your partner has anxiety.

Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders in the world. They not only cause hyperventilation or tachycardia, but also dissociation, moments of hypersensitivity and irritability.

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If your boyfriend or girlfriend, or any loved one, is going through this long and complicated road; you must accompany him/her. The best way is to listen to him/her and support him/her, but in this article we tell you about other ways to help him/her.

6 things you can do if your partner has anxiety

1. Listen to understand and not to respond

It is important to listen to what the person with anxiety has to say and reason with him while validating what he thinks and feels.

2. The phrase “it’s okay” will be your best ally

These two words can stop the intrusive thoughts of a person with anxiety. Saying “it’s okay” can never be used enough.

3. Don’t tell him he’s overreacting

For you, what the person with anxiety is saying may sound irrational, but for them it is something that actually causes them anguish, uncertainty and insomnia.

4. Remember that it is not that they do not trust you

It’s not you or the relationship he mistrusts. The scenario automatically plays out in their heads, and they are very angry that this is happening.

5. Sometimes they won’t go out or change plans

Some situations tend to cause them a lot of anxiety, and they may cancel at the last minute or want to leave early. Do not feel bad or with the obligation to leave, hug them and validate their emotion.

6. They will ask you for many apologies, accept them even if you do not understand

People with anxiety are very observant and at the slightest change, they often think that they did something wrong or that you are upset with them. Accept their apology and ask what you can do for them.

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