7 things you can do when you feel anxious

Anxiety is not your enemy, it is just a way for your brain to protect you from what it considers “dangerous”. Here we will tell you 7 things you can do when you feel anxious in case of an anxiety attack.

Anxiety is excess of the future. This allows us to anticipate possible dangers or real and imaginary risks that may arise.

Allow yourself to listen to your signals of anxiety. It is a door to meet you; To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

7 things you can do when you feel anxious

  • At what times do you feel anxiety?
  • Were you thinking of a particular topic?
  • You were in what place? In what situation did you start to feel it?

Listening to these signals will allow you to understand your psyche, and you will understand in what situations it is activated.

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Learning to manage your anxiety is a personal journey: it can involve transforming your belief system, learning to build ways to calm yourself, developing the confidence to face your fears, questioning the scripts you have followed throughout your life.

What to do in cases of anxiety?

1. Accept what you cannot change. It will help you not take responsibility for what is not yours and if the anxiety came from that, it will go away.

2. Disconnect and distance yourself from sensations: meditating, taking a walk or using the 5 senses tactic (that is, look for 5 things you see, 4 you hear, 3 you feel, 2 you smell and 1 you taste).

3. Reconnect with your body and your thoughts. Allow yourself to see that it is in your hands to regulate yourself. Your body and mind are not dangerous, you just have to listen to them.

4. Learn from the process carried out. It will help you the next time anxiety overwhelms you.

5. Stop and change what is not working in your life. Your anxiety will scream more minor story is the case that you do.

6. Observe, take some time to realize and understand why anxiety has arisen in you.

7. Decide what you can modify and that will help you. Do it, it will help the anxiety that was triggered to warn you, dissipate.

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