8 signs that there is no longer passion in your relationship

When passion goes out the window, a relationship can fall into a kind of lethargy or come close to the end. That is why it is important to identify the 8 signs that there is no longer passion in your relationship.

Undoubtedly, daily coexistence, the problems of everyday life and even unresolved issues in the life of a couple influence how a relationship changes over time. Relationship expert Kate Taylor highlights eight signs that the passion in your relationship is gone and worth evaluating and working on.

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In an article published in The Sun, Taylor assures that sleeping in separate beds may be just one of the warning signs that the members of the couple are no longer so interested in each other.

8 signs that there is no longer passion in your relationship

1. No more little fights 

The fights are not entirely negative, as they indicate the disagreements and concerns of each part of the couple that, without a doubt, are opportunities to improve coexistence. When they no longer fight, although the problems seem to disappear as if by magic, in reality it may be that they have completely lost interest in each other.

2. Sleep apart

There are health reasons for sleeping in separate beds, like getting a better night’s rest, but if either spouse does it to escape their partner and even to be intimate, something is wrong.

3. Not to mention sex

If you have sex less than once a week, consider whether you’re really a roommate of your partner. Also, if relationships have become a mechanical encounter without conversation or affection, you have to evaluate the situation.

4. They do not meet to eat

Although daily activities can make it difficult to share food, having a meal or two together can be a healthy sign for a couple. If this does not happen, something is wrong.

5. No Jealousy

Occasionally, a dose of jealousy does not hurt the couple, but rather the opposite. Jealousy expresses the fear of losing the partner, but when the other does not interest us, obviously we will not fear losing him.

6. Don’t pay attention to their appearance

This is particularly true among women, as failing to put on makeup, comb their hair, or look flirty can be a symptom of depression or lack of interest. Men often neglect their hygiene.

7. Do not fall asleep at the same time

If you don’t give yourself time at the end of the day to do some activity as a couple or to go to bed at the same time, it may be a sign that things are not going quite right.

8. They Are Too Confident

Obviously the mystery in the couple is lost as time goes by, but belching, passing flatulence or going to the bathroom with the door open are a sign of too much confidence and deep disinterest.

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