These are the best Mexican movies of all time

The best Mexican movies are those that show the culture, history and people of the country. They are movies that make you laugh, cry and think, and stay with you long after the credits have rolled. Here are ten of the best Mexican movies of all time.

Mexico is a land of many cultures and traditions. One of the most popular cultural exports is Mexican cinema. Mexican films have been praised for their raw emotion, beautiful cinematography, and engaging storylines.

The 10 best Mexican movies of all time

For this top we have chosen among iconic films of Mexican cinema, from films by Pedro Infante, to the incredible comedy of cantinflas.

1. Un día con el diablo (1945)

Un día con el diablo

Un día con el diablo” is a 1945 Mexican film inspired by World War II, the film served as Allied propaganda in Mexico.

This film follows in the footsteps of Cantinflas and his complicity in an alleged murder, for which justice sends him to serve in the military in a country at war.

In the middle of the war, the soldier ends up dying, which leads him to go down to hell and meet the devil, which gives the film its name.

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2. El siete machos (1951)

El siete machos

El siete machos” is a 1951 film, starring Cantinflas and Alma Rosa Aguirre, this footage is part of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

This movie is a Mexican “western” type, and follows the adventures of Rosario, who loses her father in an ambush, which will lead her to reclaim the hacienda that belongs to her.

When Rosario arrives at the hacienda town, she is picked up by the employee Don Margarito (Cantinflas) who immediately falls in love with Rosario.

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3. Los hijos de María Morales (1952)

Los hijos de María Morales

Los hijos de Maria Morales” is another of the Mexican films starring Pedro Infante and with the participation of actor Antonio Badú.

This footage follows in the footsteps of two brothers with very particular personalities, being partiers, gamblers and womanizers.

Both brothers make a living by scamming, however, one day love set them a trap that will test them and make them see if they are pigeons or hawks.

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4. La vuelta al mundo en ochenta días (1956)

La vuelta al mundo en ochenta días

It is a popular Hollywood movie that featured a cast of the best actors and musicians of the time, including personalities from the United States and Mexico.

This footage sets the story in 1871 where Phileas Fogg, a true English gentleman, has made a bet with his 4 friends at the Reform Club, assuring them that he is capable of circumnavigating the world in 80 days.

Around the World in Eighty Days featured Cantinflas as Passepartout, Mr. Fogg’s servant, the film received five Oscars.

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5. Escuela de rateros (1958)

Escuela de rateros

Escuela de rateros” is one of the best known films by the incredible and legendary Pedro Infante, this film was released in 1958, being the actor’s third color film.

The plot of the film puts us in the shoes of Víctor (Pedro Infante), an actor who walks in “bad steps” and is being blackmailed by a jewel thief named Eduardo and of Argentine origin.

Víctor tries to report Eduardo to the police, but due to his bad luck, he is killed while he was on the phone, so the police use a bread delivery boy named Raúl (Pedro Infante) who bears a resemblance to the actor, all with the in order to catch Eduardo, the jewel thief.

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6. Pepe (1960)


Pepe is a musical-comedy film starring Cantinflas, this film was created in order to recreate the success that the actor had with Around the World in Eighty Days.

The footage follows the stable boy of a Mexican ranch, named Pepe (Cantinflas), he is very fond of one of the horses, however, his boss will sell it to an American film director.

Pepe, then, will look for a job offering his services as a gentleman in Hollywood to be close to his equine friend.

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7. La Ley de Herodes (1999)

La Ley de Herodes

La ley de Herodes” is a comedy-satire film that recounts the periods of police corruption in the country during the time of the mandate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

The story places us in the year 1949, the inhabitants of the fictitious town of San Pedro de los Saguaros decapitate the municipal president with a machete when he tried to flee the place with the money from the town’s budget. The inhabitants of the town, the great majority of them indigenous, had rebelled due to the abuses of the PRI mayor.

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8. Amores Perros (2000)

Amores Perros

Amores Perros is a Mexican film released in the year 2000, and is a compilation of three stories that tell the same incident.

The film begins with two young men fleeing from a truck whose crew intends to kill them. So they run a stop sign and crash into another vehicle.

This film is divided into three sub-stories whose groups of characters are never known, however, its most important stages that maintain a connection coincide and start from a car accident.

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9. Niñas bien (2018)

Niñas bien

With Niñas bien we already entered the most current Mexican films, Niñas Bien premiered in 2018, based on the characters in the book “Las Niñas Bien” by Guadalupe Loaeza.

This film follows the life of Sofia (Ilse Salas) and a group of women from Las Lomas living in the midst of luxury houses, cars, Grand Marquis, tennis games, the evolution of classism, good customs, until the crisis arrives. 1982 finance.

The footage has won more than five awards worldwide, and was first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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10. Roma (2018)


Roma is a 2018 Mexican film starring Yalitza Aparicio. The film is set in the 1970s in Mexico City’s Colonia Roma.

The film follows the life of Cleo, a domestic worker in Sofia’s house, who lives with Antonio, her four young children, Sofia’s mother, Teresa, and another worker, Adela. Both employees are of indigenous origin, Oaxacan, and speak both Spanish and their mother tongue, Mixteco.

Roma represented Mexico in the category of best foreign language film, while this film was nominated for more than 10 Oscars.

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And with this last film we reach the end of the list of the best Mexican films. All these films tell a little about the cinematographic history of the country. They offer a glimpse into the culture, people, and history of Mexico. They are entertaining and enlightening films, and offer something for everyone.

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