Florida is the 12th best state for drivers according to recent study

A recent WalletHub study ranked Florida as the 12th best state to drive in the United States according to driving conditions and car care.

Although, Florida ranks 26th in terms of cost to own a car. It ranks as one of the best when it comes to maintenance.

However, while access to car maintenance is good, Florida ranks just above average for traffic and infrastructure.

According to the WalletHub study, the notes show that the state has very heavy rush hour traffic congestion, plus there has been an increased number of vehicles on the state’s roads in recent years.

The problems with traffic may be due to Florida becoming an immigration destination for residents from all over the United States, leading to an increase in vehicles.

For maintenance access, the state ranked first for the number of car washes, and fourth for the number of auto shops per 100,000 population, making Florida one of the best places for car maintenance.

Thus, with all of the above factors, the study ranked Florida 12th for driving conditions among all 50 states.

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