Keep your pet safe during the New Years Eve celebrations by following these safety tips

New Year’s Eve celebrations are often noisy. Parties with much noise, the honking of horns at midnight, and some people even set off fireworks.

If you’re human, this can be very entertaining. If you’re not – not so much fun.

Miami-Dade County Animal Services noted that in recent days, they have seen a greater number of dogs arrive at the shelter around celebratory periods and festivals.

You can help protect your pet from harm by taking steps to make it more secure.

Prior to the start of the fireworks or party, identify an indoor, secure, and quiet location for your pet. It may help to put on soothing instrumental music as a way to minimize stress and strain produced by event noises.

Install an anxiety or thunder coat in a safe place for your pet and provide them with an item of enjoyment or a treat.

Be mindful not to administer your pet anxiety medication where it may frighten your pet because of fireworks or party noise.

What if you find a lost pet? keep it away from fireworks

If a lost pet is brought to your veterinarian, inquire about chip identification. If the pet does not have a microchip, assume it to have been lost, not stolen. Sometimes lost pets are found close to their homes.

Put the pet’s leash back on where it happened. Post photographs of the discovered pet on social media and walk it around the neighborhood to see if anyone recognizes it, or it recognizes where it lives.

The county’s Animal Services’ Surrender Receiving Office is currently closed until further notice due to the high population of animals and limited kennels to accommodate them in place.

With information from CBS News

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