Lunch ideas for kids

Getting children to eat their food is not always easy, however, there are some ways to prepare lunches that encourage them to eat deliciously and healthy, so we show you 5 lunch ideas for kids.

A great way to get children to eat is with colorful lunches that taste delicious.

All the ideas that we will teach you are delicious and nutritious, they will work even when you do not have much time to do something elaborate.

1. Simple sandwich

lunch box with a sandwich in the shape of a rabbit

Sandwiches are a nutritious and complete way to make a lunch, they are very simple to make, and you can prepare them with a variety of ingredients.

You can make a classic chicken sandwich, or even put tuna or egg on it, you can also eat the sandwich with vegetables or fruits to have a complete lunch.

Combine the sandwich with turkey, a French omelette or maybe put a little mayonnaise on it, using wholemeal bread instead of white bread is also a plus.

In addition, you can also make a nice design for lunch, a sandwich with a nice shape and many colors, it will always be delicious.

2. Fruit smoothie

One fruit smothie cup for kids

Soft drinks and soda are full of sugars and additives that are negative for the body, so it is better to prepare fruit smoothies instead.

A good idea is to make a smoothie with fruit and cereals, also, this idea is perfect since it can be prepared for lunch or snack.

If you want the smoothie to be nutritious and healthy, do not add sugar or artificial sweetener. You can add some crushed nuts to make it more delicious and healthy.

3. Healthy donuts or muffins

Eating healthy sweets is not difficult, and the classic recipes for muffins with vegetables or donuts that do not contain sugar are good ideas for a healthy breakfast.

It is important not to give sugar or industrial pastries to children, since childhood diabetes is increasingly common throughout the world.

These recipes are very easy to make, and you can try to see which one is the most delicious for your family.

4. Fruit salad

fruit salad for kids

Fruit salads are delicious and a good option if you want to have a sweet but healthy and nutritious lunch.

You can prepare a fruit salad with the ingredients that you like best, you can add kiwis, strawberries, raspberries or even some chopped banana.

Go adding the fruits that are nutritious and that your children like the most, variety is very important.

5. Spinach Burgers

three chickpeas spinach burgers

Burgers should not always be made with meat, an excellent option for lunch are delicious hamburgers with chickpeas and spinach.

This option is very healthy for a daily lunch, and you can also accompany them with a sandwich or smoothie.

And that would be it, 5 kids lunch ideas that you should definitely keep in mind when you want to give your kids healthy food.

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