Rise in Divorces: Lack of Family Support Tops Causes, According to Forbes Advisor Survey

Divorce is a topic that has been the subject of debate and analysis for decades. Despite the existence of online divorce services, which promise to streamline and simplify the process, the reality is that ending a marriage remains an emotional and legal challenge for many.

Understanding the reasons behind this decision can offer valuable insight into marital problems and how to address them.

Recent Statistics

According to a comprehensive survey conducted by Forbes Advisor of 1,000 Americans who were divorced or in the process of divorce, several key factors contributing to the dissolution of marriages were identified.

In 2021, a staggering 689,308 divorces were recorded, highlighting the magnitude of the phenomenon in the United States.

Main Causes of Divorce

The “lack of family support” emerged as the primary reason, being cited by 43% of respondents.

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Irreconcilable differences, although common, accounted for 31% of cases, while infidelity was the cause of 34% of divorces.

Influence of Marriage Duration

It’s interesting to observe how the causes of divorce vary depending on the duration of the relationship:

  • Early Divorces: Those couples who chose to separate in the early stages of their marriage often cited a lack of compatibility, with 59% of respondents mentioning this reason.
  • Mid-term Divorces: For couples who ended their relationship between two and eight years, the lack of family support was the predominant factor.
  • Long-term Divorces: Couples who had been married for nine years or more typically pointed to serious issues such as infidelity and a lack of intimacy.

Warning Signs and Common Conflicts

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Identifying the signs of a potential divorce is essential to address issues in time. Among the most common signs are a lack of mutual interest, poor conflict resolution, and mutual avoidance.

Although financial stress might be expected to be a primary cause, it turned out to be less frequent than other factors.

Additionally, rushing into marriage or marrying at a young age were not considered major indicators of future marital problems.

Regarding conflicts, career choices emerged as the most common disagreement, accounting for 46% of cases.

Differences in child-rearing, the division of household chores, and family relationships were also significant sources of tension.

With information from Forbes Advisor Survey

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