Slim and tone your arms with these 15-minute exercises

The size and health of the arms is a major concern for many people, as lack of exercise can lead to loss of strength and elasticity in the skin.

Although many times exercise focuses on toning the buttocks, legs and abdomen, it is important to exercise the arms.

Therefore, we leave you with some perfect exercises to slim your arms; they only take 15 minutes daily and can be done by anyone.

Eliminate excess fat from your arms quickly

Fighting flaccidity and eliminating fat from the arms is important, because when you start with an exercise routine and lose weight, flaccidity begins to show more in the extremities.

There are some exercises perfect for slimming and improving the aesthetic appearance of the arms; they can be performed at home and will not take much time.


a girl performing a plank

Planks are one of the best exercises to exercise the arms, besides being an excellent option to practice good posture.

To perform a plank correctly you must lean on the floor with your forearms on the surface, feet so that you are off the ground, keep your posture straight and do not force the position of the neck to avoid injury, stay in the plank position for 30 seconds and rest, repeat at least 3 times.

Performing planks will strengthen various areas of the body over time, and you will gradually become stronger and be able to increase the time of the exercise.

If you want to make the exercise much more difficult, you can try doing it with one arm, although you must be careful to maintain your posture.

Exercise with weights

a girl doing curls

Exercising your arms with weights is a quick way to tone and slim your arms. In case you don’t have weights, you can do the exercises with water bottles.

Take a weight with each hand and begin to raise your arm while bending your elbow. The palms of your hand should be facing forward.

When you bend your arms you should form a 90-degree angle, stretch your arm again and do the exercise controlled and smooth, do at least 30 repetitions.

Wall push-ups

A girl performing a wall push up

Performing push-ups is perfect for reducing excess fat in the arms. For this exercise you must be in front of a wall, rest the palms of your hands on the wall.

Extend your arms and flex, hold the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position, repeat at least 20 times.

There are many exercises that help reduce arm fat, however, remember to have a diet that helps you lose weight and added to these exercises you can maintain the good appearance of your arms.

A girl teaches how to lose weight arms

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