The next full moon in June is known as strawberry moon

June arrives with an astronomical phenomenon known as the “strawberry moon” and will be visible across the country on Sunday, June 4.

This full moon will be the last of the spring; it is a special event because it will occur just before the summer equinox, being the sixth of the 13 full moons throughout the year.

Why is this called a strawberry moon?

This type of moon is called a “strawberry moon” because it is associated with the end of the strawberry growing season.

In ancient times, Native Americans watched the moon, as the first moon in summer indicated the time when strawberries reached maturity and became sweeter.

As a result, the first full moon marking the beginning of summer began to be called the “strawberry moon,” and according to a NASA fun fact, every time a 50-year cycle occurs, the strawberry moon coincides with the June solstice.

In 2023 the strawberry moon will also be a “supermoon” causing the Earth’s natural satellite to reach its perigee (the closest orbital point to the planet) which will make the moon appear larger than usual.

In addition, the moon will have a reddish or copper color depending on the atmospheric conditions each night.

The “strawberry moon” will be visible between June 3 and 5 according to NASA, although the best day to see this astronomical phenomenon will be Sunday, June 4.

According to NASA, the strawberry moon can be seen without using binoculars or telescopes, it is only recommended to be in a place without much light pollution.

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