What is the best coffee for gut health?

For people with gastrointestinal problems who have limited their coffee intake due to its acidity, there is a simple way to prepare the drink that may be better for the gut.

Coffee can offer multiple benefits for your body. However, due to its heartburn, it can cause stomach irritation in certain people. There is a type of coffee that may be better for the gut.

People who may want to limit their coffee intake include those with gastroesophageal reflux, gastric ulcers, or acid-related digestive problems.

Discover what is the best coffee for gut health?

If coffee irritates your stomach you can try cold coffee. Cold brewed coffee is a rich, smooth brew with a lower concentration of acids than traditionally brewed coffee.

Cold coffee or cold brew

Cold brew or cold coffee should not be confused with iced coffee which consists of hot coffee served over ice. It’s also not about letting hot coffee get cold.

Brewing cold brew is easy. You have to do it in advance and you can distribute it in several doses.

This is a cold brew in which coarsely ground coffee beans are immersed in cold or room temperature water and left to steep for 12-24 hours. This process extracts the coffee and creates a concentrate. Later you can dilute it with water or milk if you wish.

How to prepare cold coffee

Ingredients: ground coffee and cold water. A half pound makes about a half gallon of cold brew.
Preparation: Combine one part of ground coffee with four parts of cold water in a jar or container.

Let sit overnight or for 12 hours. Strain using a paper filter or cheesecloth. Add milk or water in a one-to-one ratio; mix and serve.

Cold brew has a longer shelf life than hot brew. Cold coffee can be kept in the refrigerator for about two weeks.

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Soaking the beans at room temperature for 12 hours will create a bigger mouthfeel with more chocolate notes, while soaking the beans in the refrigerator will result in cleaner, brighter notes.

“For someone who has acid reflux, I suggest trying cold beer to see if you tolerate it better, because you probably will,” dietitian and gut expert Amanda Sauceda tells Well and Good.

However, Ella Sauceda notes that someone whose gastrointestinal problems are caused by the caffeine in the coffee rather than heartburn may not benefit from switching to cold-brew coffee.

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