When is it time to update the clock to daylight saving time in Florida?

Very soon the clocks will have to be changed to start summer, so we will have to set the clock back this time.

If you have some questions about the so-called Daylight Saving Time that marks the start of summer, read on:

Daylight Saving Time encompasses the time seasons between spring and fall, which will begin on March 12 this year.

Most people have to make the change in their clocks around 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of the month, however, smartphones already have the automatic Daylight Saving Time update.

Why switch to Daylight Saving Time in Florida?

Daylight Saving Time is used to make better use of daylight and sunlight hours to save energy.

The first person who thought of the idea of changing the time to make better use of daylight was Benjamin Franklin, with the purpose of reducing the use of candles during that time.

In the United States, the change to daylight saving time began in 1918.

However, there are some territories in the country that do not care about the time change, such as Hawaii, part of Arizona, Puerto Rico, etc.

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