23andMe Data Breach Affects 6.9 Million Users

23andMe, the popular genetic testing company, has confirmed a significant data breach impacting 6.9 million users.

This incident raises concerns over the security of sensitive personal data in the burgeoning field of genetic testing.

Details of the Data Compromise

The breach at 23andMe has exposed the personal data of approximately 6.9 million users, marking a concerning development in data security.

While the company has assured that DNA and health information were not accessed, the incident has sparked discussions about the vulnerabilities of storing sensitive genetic data online.

The data accessed in the breach includes email addresses, but not passwords or financial information, according to 23andMe. The company has emphasized that the genetic information and health data of users remain secure, and there has been no evidence of unauthorized access to more sensitive data.

Rising Concerns Over Data Security

This breach underscores growing concerns about the security of personal data, particularly in the field of genetic testing where sensitive information is involved. The incident raises questions about the measures companies like 23andMe are taking to protect user data from cyber threats.

As 23andMe addresses the fallout from this breach, the focus shifts to enhancing cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive user data.

With information from Fox Business.

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