Astronaut claims UFO sightings could be time travelers

The famous astronaut Timothy Nigel Peake recently claimed that UFO sightings are time travelers. Timothy exposed that the government of the United States revealed them to him.

The astronaut in an interview on the Good Morning Britain program, when asked about the Pentagon sightings, he replied that he found it interesting that the United States government had not made it public already.

The European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut commented that there have been more than a hundred incidents, which have been called “unexplained aerial phenomena”

Astronaut claims UFO sightings could be time travelers

In the program, Peake assured that he does not consider it to be a montage, since for him, what appears in the videos is not human.

He also commented that there are different theories and one of them is about time travelers and said that such trips were possibly invented in the future and that the ships that are present are devices that are used to travel to the past.

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Is it some kind of unmanned robotic type object from another civilization? I heard a theory where a pilot was talking about potentially in the future they’ve developed time travel — is it something that’s come back from the future? So there’s all these theories floating around about what it could be, but ultimately we don’t know.

Astronaut Timothy Nigel Peake Good Morning Britain

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