Biden arrives in Florida to discuss health care issues

Joe Biden will make a visit to Florida to discuss new plans to make health care in the state more affordable.

Biden will speak in Tampa about his “Commitment to Reduce Health Care Costs to Protect and Strengthen Social Security and Medicare,” according to a White House report.

Although details of the visit have not been released, Biden will attend Tampa following his State of the Union address to both houses of Congress, where he blamed conservatives for cutting Social Security and health care.

According to state figures, about 3.2 million people in Florida have enrolled this year in Obamacare, an insurance plan aimed at benefiting the insured.

In contrast, this year several states are scheduled to drop millions of people from Medicaid, a government health program that covers people with limited resources or disabilities.

The change, to be implemented in April, will cause thousands of Americans to lose health coverage, threatening their access to medical services and exposing them to costly bills.

It will also put pressure on the finances of hospitals, doctors and other members who rely on Medicaid.

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