Biden praises Democrats in midterm elections after highlighting that there was no Republican red wave

Predictions that spoke of a ‘red wave’, shifting control of both chambers of Congress to Republican hands, have not materialized so far. The battle for the Senate remains extremely close — with eyes on the races in Nevada, Arizona and Georgia — and the numbers in the House of Representatives indicate that the Republicans would only achieve a narrow majority.

In Georgia, neither of the two candidates obtained 50 + 1 of the votes to declare themselves the winner of the Senate race, so they will go to the second round in December. This means that it is very likely that it will not be known who will control the upper house until then.

President Biden considered this Wednesday that the midterm elections were “a good day for democracy” and “for the United States” because he considered that the so-called “red wave” did not occur.

The only ‘red wave’ on Tuesday night came in Florida, especially with Ron DeSantis winning. A reflection of this was his victory in Miami-Dade County, where he had not won a Republican for 20 years.

On the Democratic side, the victory of John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate stood out, a seat that keeps alive the possibility that this party maintains its majority in the Upper House.

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