Book returned to Massachusetts library after nearly 120 years overdue

A library in West Virginia received a large number of books donated by a person who warned to “be on the lookout for a specific book that originally belonged to another library.”

According to information from local media 12 WBOY, the library made an incredible finding; among the donated books, West Virginia University Libraries Rare Book Curator Stewart Plein came across a somewhat impressive book.

The book was entitled ‘An Elementary Treatise on Electricity’ by James Clerk Maxwell, which had been loaned to an individual at the New Bedford Free Library in Massachusetts.

The surprising thing about the find is that the book was due to be returned on December 10, 1903, and noticing that it did not have a checked-out label, the librarians concluded that it still belonged to the New Bedford Free Library.

Stewart Plein arranged for the entire return of the book so that it could be received in its rightful place, packed and shipped to the library, where officials expressed their thanks via social media.

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