Burger King launches two new plant-based burgers

Burger King launches two new plant-based burgers expanding its plant-based burger offerings with two new options launching next week: the Impossible King and the Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper.

Burger King is expanding its plant-based burger offerings in the United States and will launch two new Impossible Burger offerings on June 27.

Burger King launched its iconic Impossible Whopper nationally in 2019, then had a brief trial with Impossible Nuggets in 2021. The king of grilled beef burgers continues to work with Impossible Foods.

Burger King launches two new plant-based burgers: The Impossible King

Impossible King is a grilled Impossible Burger topped with American cheese, white onion slices, pickles, ketchup and mustard on a sesame seed bun. The existing Single Quarter Pound King who swaps out the beef burger for an Impossible.

Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper features an avocado spread, seasoned tortilla strips, bacon, and a creamy hot sauce. This burger is part of a larger line of “Southwest Bacon” burgers that includes a Southwest Bacon Whopper Jr. and a Double Southwest Bacon Whopper.

The Impossible King will be offered in a “2 for $6 Mix n’ Match” promotion available at participating Burger King restaurants nationwide along with Quarter Pound King, Big King, Original Chicken Sandwich and Big Fish.

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For avocado lovers, Burger King has a limited time promotion. Starting June 30, Royal Perks members will be able to add avocado spread to any burger or sandwich for $1. This addition can be done through the BK website and app.

With the new Impossible launches, Burger King could become more attractive and increase its sales, as happened with the original Impossible Whopper, which according to Restaurant Dive, the restaurant chain managed to increase its sales after its national launch.

According to company reports, the Impossible Whopper drove 5% of Burger King’s comparable sales in the US during the third quarter, the brand’s strongest growth since 2015.

The plant-based burger attracted all kinds of guests. “While it appealed to millennials and Gen Z consumers… older generations, like Gen X, who hadn’t visited the chain in a while, came back to try the Impossible Whopper,” shares Restaurante Dive.

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