Burning Man Attendees Stuck by Nevada Desert Downpours

Thousands of individuals were stranded over the weekend in the Nevada desert due to heavy rains as they made their way to the renowned Burning Man festival.

Through the social network X (formerly known as Twitter), the event’s organizers, who annually draw tens of thousands of enthusiasts, reported that the access roads to the site were closed.

They also urged attendees to conserve their water and food supplies.

Unexpected Rains Impact Burning Man Attendees

“If you are in Black Rock City (the name of the temporary city erected each year for the festival), please stay where you are and remain safe,” they communicated.

According to some attendees’ accounts, the ground had turned into mud that reached up to their ankles. “There were people who tried to cross the mud on bicycles and got stuck,” one participant shared with CNN.

The U.S. weather service had warned of continued rainfall and storms throughout Saturday afternoon and into Sunday.

The Burning Man festival is held annually on a dry lakebed in the Nevada desert. For the festival, a temporary city is built, accessible via a two-lane highway. During the event, participants had the opportunity to engage in various artistic and community activities.

According to the organizers, the festival abides by principles such as “civic responsibility,” “radical expression,” and the commitment to “leave no trace.” Although the use of money is not allowed at the event, it’s noteworthy that tickets to attend can cost hundreds of dollars.

With information from CNN

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