Cake Boss opens $10-per-slice pizza ATMs

Buddy Valastro, known as The Cake Boss, now has ATMs selling $10 slices of pizza.

According to Mashed, the famous fourth-generation baker of Italian descent opened the pizza tellers at the Linq Hotel in Las Vegas, a city that Buddy loves and in which he has already established other food-related businesses.

The cashier will be able to serve a slice of pizza to hungry customers at any time, day or night. Pizza options include pepperoni, cheese and Italian, priced between $9.95 and $10.95 per slice. There is a discount if two slices of pepperoni or Italian are ordered.

Pizza orders are made through a touch screen. The pizza is refrigerated and takes 2-3 minutes to fully cook. The cashier will tell customers when their pizza is ready.

Cake Boss already had Carlo’s Bakery pizza cashiers, these are located in his Pizza Cake restaurant.
Also in Las Vegas, Buddy Valastro has Buddy V’s Ristorante, an Italian-American restaurant. Just this year, he also opened The Boss Café by Buddy Valastro.

The Boss Café offers a variety of freshly baked breads, Italian sandwiches, handmade pizzas, fresh mozzarella made in-house by Buddy’s father-in-law, as well as a variety of sweets and pastries, including Carlo’s Bakery’s most famous desserts like cannoli .

The highlight of the restaurant is the Mozz Bar, where guests can dine on fresh mozzarella served with warm rustic bread and their choice of dressing of basil pesto, roasted peppers, tomato sauce and olives or tomato, fresh basil and aged balsamic vinegar.

The Boss Café is Buddy Valastro’s fourth restaurant concept that he has opened in Las Vegas. Buddy fell in love with the city, its culinary scene and its people. “It gave me the opportunity to prove that I am more than a baker, but a chef,” said the Cake Boss star.

The famous protagonist of “Cake Boss” owns the well-known Carlo’s Bakery, a family business that he started in Hoboken, New Jersey. That’s where the amazing cakes that appear on the show are made.

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