California battles record rainfall with flooding, mudslides

California is grappling with the aftermath of record rainfall that has unleashed flooding, mudslides, and widespread power outages across the state.

An atmospheric river has battered Southern California, prompting urgent responses from local and federal authorities.

Amidst the crisis, Biden has been in close contact with Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and California Governor Gavin Newsom, pledging full federal support. FEMA resources have been pre-staged in anticipation of the escalating emergency, ready to assist affected communities.

Unprecedented Rainfall and Warnings

The intensity of the downpour has been staggering, with some areas receiving up to a foot of rain, exacerbating the risk of flash floods and mudslides.

The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for various parts of Southern California, signaling a high alert for regions including the Santa Monica Mountains, Hollywood Hills, and cities like Malibu and Beverly Hills.

Evacuation Warnings and Road Closures

The relentless rain has saturated the soil to its limits, triggering mudflows and prompting evacuation warnings in vulnerable neighborhoods like Upper Crest in Culver City.

Key routes like the Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County and State Routes 23 and 27 in the Santa Monica Mountains have been closed due to storm-induced erosion and mudslides.

Human Toll and Resilience

California battles record rainfall with flooding, mudslides

Tragically, the storm has claimed at least three lives, with falling trees being the primary cause. Amid the destruction, there are tales of narrow escapes and resilience, like the miraculous rescue of a 5-year-old girl in Sacramento when a tree crashed through her family’s home.

As the state braces for the storm to subside by Thursday and anticipates a break from rainfall, the focus remains on recovery efforts and supporting those impacted by this unprecedented weather event.

With information from CBS News

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